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You have entered the Shadow Light Realms!

Please enjoy your stay here.

Life is more than movies and games.

Now it's a beautiful realm realized into reality. We hope you enjoy your stay here! It's coming into surface to show it's Shadow-Light!

Whatever your entry method may be, welcome. ALL Desires manifest with the residents here.

Truly a pinnacle of meta-interworkings!

Earth and the people are integrated as a collective!

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Regardless, please enjoy your stay here!
New additions are coming!


Other Realms & News

Other Realms

News [UPDATED 5月23日2022]

Neutral's Cycle Hub resides.

News Backlog [UPDATED 5月23日2022]

Updated 5月23日2022年

Help Around the Shadow-Light Lands
[Level 1 Access]

Shadow-Light Realm Managers


Realm Map

Updated 1月10日2022年

Higher Realms
[Level 1 Access]

Higher Realms

Updated 1月10日2022年